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change in default CC

Hi Team,

I need some guidance on below points. Can someone please help.  

In Concur 1 employee can have only 1 company code and 1 cost center and that would be considered as their default Concur profile. If my understanding is correct in the past system was not allowing the employees to change the default values.  But recently I see that many employees change their default cost center and allocating the expense to different cost center. The field is now available for the users as ‘editable’. Is it possible to make this as default only? Please suggest.


Saikripa Naik

Community Manager
Community Manager

@sainaik you can lock down the system and not allow employees to allocate expenses. 


There are places where users can see their default cost center as part of their profile and that is usually locked. However, many companies do allow for allocating and therefore the user can change the default cost center when they are working on their expense report. 


The easiest way and fastest way to disallow allocating is by creating an audit rule. Otherwise you have to make changes to forms and fields, which you likely do not have access to do and is a little more complicated. The audit rule simply states: Entry Has Allocation Equals Yes. 


What this would do is flag any entry that has been allocated with a red alert. The Alert message would say something like, "Allocating Expenses is not allowed." You can add any message you like. 


Are you familiar with building Audit Rules?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Super User
Super User

We have cross -charge set to "no" in everyone's profile as a standard.  Only the admin can change to allow a cross charge to another cost center.

Nancy Murray