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cant opt in for paper checks or enter bank information

for months i been trying to figure this out and my company support has been unable to help in order to send in my reports i need to link my bank info but there is no way to do it in app and i cant log in through the website on either my company phone or personal computer i would even be ok with paper check but i haven't been able to find a way to do that either does anyone know a way to help. Below is the error report it gives me when i try and log in i have tried to contact my admin but he wasnt able to help either 


Request Id: e534f7bd-de28-4fc1-b989-1ab058826d01
Correlation Id: fb50fe75-e576-4d45-90d3-74454cff13bf
Timestamp: 2022-01-17T13:57:02Z
Message: AADSTS650056: Misconfigured application. This could be due to one of the following: the client has not listed any permissions for 'AAD Graph' in the requested permissions in the client's application registration. Or, the admin has not consented in the tenant. Or, check the application identifier in the request to ensure it matches the configured client application identifier. Or, check the certificate in the request to ensure it's valid. Please contact your admin to fix the configuration or consent on behalf of the tenant. Client app ID: a9cb4399-b88d-45bb-a4e8-dad9182b9b35.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@joepepper Hello there. I looked up your SAP Concur profile and I see that you have a confirmed bank account. I'm guessing your issue is resolved. Is that correct?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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