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Occasional Member - Level 1

Your Statement Report cannot be submitted until 2019-01-01.


A couple of our Concur users are getting the subject line error message, if anyone in the past has experined the same problem please share.  Thank you, 


Occasional Member - Level 3

This could be the result of an audit rule created during the implementation of a Company Billed Statement program.

In a CBS program, users submit one report per month that contains all the transactions posted during the statement period. Because transactions can take a few days to post, the audit rule doesn't allow statement reports to be submitted until 'X' days after the statement date.

We have a rule like this established for our CBS program. If the statement date is commonly the 25th, the rule makes the user wait 4 days before submitting.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hello there!

The issue you are having could also be related to a configuration set on your Company Card settings,  that controls how many days before the statement period date are users allowed to submit their statement reports. You can check if that's the case and also change that configuration by going to Adminstration -> Company -> Tools -> Company Card -> Settings tab.

Look for "Company Bill Statements" where it says "Allow Company Bill Statement users to submit statement reports X days before/after the statement period end date."