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Workflow Confirmation In Mobile Concur

Hi all, i am facing difficulties to do "Workflow confirmation" after i have completed filled in and uploaded documents in my concur expense.
After that i am required to do workflow confirmation for every expenses before i submit my expenses.

Currently, when i click on the "Workflow confirmation" it will lead me to another webpage for me to save & confirm the workflow path. However the webpage isn't loading and it just stuck there.

Hence, is there any workaround or method for me to do workflow confirmation in mobile concur?

Also is it possible for me to do batch workflow path confirmation for all my expenses in one go since all workflow path are same for all in my case?


Best regards,

Super User
Super User

Hi @hoehuatteoh ,


This sounds like a custom development done by your company. Concur offers callout functionality to open custom pages and the workflow confirmation sounds like something done in this way.


I would contact the company internal IT helpdesk or consult your Concur administrator for guidance. Hope this helps.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@hoehuatteoh have you tried submitting your expense report using the web version to see if the same issue persists? This confirmation is something that your company enabled and not something I've come across before.

I would try submitting using the web. Also, as for a batch, that isn't possible as the system isn't designed for a user to submit multiple reports at one time.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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