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Won't allow me to itemize a second night of a hotel with a different amount

I had a 2 night stay.  From the imported transaction for Lodging I clicked "nightly Lodging expences" on the right, then entered the dates and put "2" for number of nights.  There only seems to be a place for 1 night and my nightly rates differed.  How to I get to itemize the second night?

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Are you using the NextGen UI?  This new format allows the Hotel minimization for different daily rates.  

If not,  you will need to itemize the hotel rate one-day at a time.  Change the check in-check out dates to show 1 day.  Enter the one-day rate and taxes.  You could enter the second day rate and tax for the hotel. 


You may also select the hotel rate entry line and copy it.  Update the rate and date for the second day.  Do the same with the tax. 


I hope this helps. 

Maria Steen