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Why are we not able to access reports in real time?

Why are we not able to get reports updated in real time?

Community Manager
Community Manager


I'm guessing you are referring to Cognos Reporting. The job that updates the data warehouse only runs once a day.  Also, it does take a while for this job to run, so that's why it cannot be real time. 

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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hi there,

It is because all newly added data and or changes made to the system will only be available via Cognos reporting after the overnight processing has taken place or after 24 hours, so, running the report until then should work.

*** If after 24 hours the expected data still do not reflect on the Cognos results, please open a case with Concur Support (Reporting/Analytics).


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New Concur user here and I am frankly shocked this is the case. With today's technology it should be a no brainer to provide real-time updates for reporting. Very dissapointing.

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Super User

I suppose Concur and Cognos connect to different databases. This is normally when you have one is a transactional database like Concur, where data update operations are performed. And the other data query like Cognos because queries reduce the performance of a database. For this reason, you have two data base independents.


childerj, you are right. Nowadays, SAP Concur should implement the real-time tecnology for Cognos-Concur.

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We have the same issue with our production/reporting DB. We run all our reporting off of a mirrored DB which doesn't impact production and provides data in real time. Very easy to setup.