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What is this Expense Nightmare?

What a mess!!!! What is this "new" system doing?


I used to be able to email in receipts and have them in my available receipts - perfect to match to my cards. This new interface is making them expenses and can't even seem to read PDFs with Text. November 1, 2023 receipt with a January 1, 2021 date? Not to mention to charge them to expenses. This is a literal nightmare. ExpenseIt did a great job matching my photo to the charge as well. Now? nope. This is going to take me twice as long to fix and sort out.

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This seems to be a random issue with us as well.  I have noticed that it seems to happen a lot with Uber receipts.  I am yet to see this happen with other types of receipts.  Also, on our end, it seems to be isolated to certain individuals and not across the entire traveling population.

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Recent change by Concur so that receipts sent to now go through ExpenseIt processing.  And yes, it is a nightmare.

Re: How do I turn off ExpenseIt for e-receipts or ... - SAP Concur Community

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Great thread and posts. Matches the team's thoughts here.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@pchludil ExpenseIt for the web should be released this month. I cannot say too much since it isn't launched, but once it is, there is an option you might find helpful with your "nightmare". 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Thanks for the input. It's been a frustrating few months because it seems every time I get used to a change - something changes again. I don't know what it is with cloud platforms and this need for constant UI and functionality change. I have been on the platform for a while at this point and since this summer I am just getting more and more frustrated. My actual ExpenseIt images from app last month seem to have gone into the ether. It is just taking me overall too long to do my expenses now because it is assigning wrong information at what I will call an alarming rate and if I miss it, either questions will get asked and/or my report will be delayed.

I am not the account manager for our team but I run our IT operations. Our customers would have my head if I pulled these kind of changes. I know from talking to our account manager the whole team is irritated as well. It's not fair on her or her workload either. Just mind blowing the change of something that works would simply be deprecated out of the blue. It takes more than mild irritation for me to come to a community forum just to let off steam I really wish people would stop making changes for the sake of change.

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Awful program and awful to use.