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What is cash advance in expenses ?


What is cash advance concept .What is the process if someone wants for cash advance .

How does the requester will return the taken amount ?


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Community Manager

@10641680 the concept is as follows...

you are going on a business trip and you know that your company credit card might not be accepted as some business so you just plan to use cash at those locations. Your company provides you the funds of your cash advance. Let's just say it is $500. 


After your trip you create your expense report and assign the cash advance to the report. You will see the Cash Advance Balance show as $500. As you add any out of pocket/cash expenses to the report, the amount of the cash advance will go down. This is how the system will pay the company back for providing you cash up front. Let's say you entered $600 worth of out of pocket expenses on your report. You would be reimbursed $100. The system subtracts the amount of the cash advance from what you would be owed for out of pocket expenses. 


If you do not enter out of pocket expenses in the amount of the full cash advance, then you would create and expense entry using the Cash Advance Return expense type and enter the remaining amount. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Dear Kevin Dorsey

Thank you. I am in the middle of implementation integration between Concur and SAP and want to use cash Advances also. I have a question also related to this process. What is the best way to understand the standard Concur approach of FI integration of Advances? I meant the scheme of posting.

Concur has the option to maintain a G/L account of cash advance in user master data, right?

The template posting of Cash Advance will be looks like this (posted via CTE_DOC_MONI)

Ct 31 Employe
Dt 40 Cash Advance Account

How is it supposed to use this process when creating a Payment Run F110? How it is supposed to close the account "Cash Advance Account"? Because payment program will generate the posting

Dt Employe
Ct Outgoing Bank

And account Cash Advance Account remains open.

Is there any presentation with slides and approach?

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We don't use SAP as our financial system so I can't answer for the specifics, but in general there shouldn't be a balance against the employee account at any point.  The exception would be if they incurred out-of-pocket expenses that exceeded the cash advance amount, in which case they'd require reimbursement for the excess amount.


Cash Advance issued

Dr Cash Advance Account

Cr Issuing bank account


Expense Report processed

Dr expense account e.g. meals

Cr employee account

Dr employee account

(the above two lines net to zero but are separate entries on the Concur SAE file)

Cr Cash Advance Account


Cash Advance Return i.e. Cash Advance exceeds out-of-pocket expenses and employee returns the balance

Dr Issuing bank account

Cr Cash Advance Account


Hope this helps.


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Thank you.


According accounting rules, we cant post  on bank account something until we have outgoing payment processed via bank client. So i am proposing the following to my clients



Cash Advance issued

Dr Employee account

Cr Cash Advance Account  (Employee alternative account)


Cash Advance paid (via SAP, F110 Payment programm)

Dr Cash Advance Account  (Employee alternative reconciliation account)

Cr Issuing bank account



Expense Report processed

Dr expense account 1

Dr expense account 2

Cr employee account


Reconciliation Employee

Ct employee account

Dt employee account           

Ct Cash Advance Account  


Reimburse to Employee

Dr employee account

Cr Issuing bank account




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To clarify my previous post, the entries against the bank account should reflect the actual movement of the cash i.e. credit for cash withdrawn and given to the employee; debit when the returned cash is banked. 


If you have other methods of issuing cash advances (e.g. from a cash float or they withdraw it using their corporate card) then the debits/credits would be to different accounts.  In our case all cash advances are done via corporate card withdrawal so the credit entry for the issued cash advance goes against our corporate card creditor account.

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Employees can borrow money from their company before incurring any expenses. If a requested cash advance is approved and paid, the employee can use the money for the expenses they are about to incur. 


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You can refer to this link for setup guide



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Employees can borrow money from their company before incurring any expenses, and when the requested cash advance is approved and paid, they can use the money for the expenses they may be about to incur.