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What Employee Import (Record Type NR) Format to use for bulk load of Credit Card Statement approvars

Hello team, 

we are currently using Employee Import (Record Type 305 and 350) to load users to Concur. This file includes column for identification of Expense
Report Approver (Approver for regular expenses created through Concur).

In next couple of weeks we have to load the list of users that includes information about approver for regular expenses and for Credit Card Statements as well. 



According to my understanding approver for Regular travel expense can differ from approver responsible for approving Credit Card Statement items. How do I setup a bulk load for approx 500 Concur employees and for some of them to setup their approvers for Credit Card Statements? Is there a separate field dedicated for Credit Card Statement approver? 


thank you,


Community Manager
Community Manager

@PetraZ hello there. From your description it sounds like you might be talking about Approvers for Statement Reports, which would relate to company cards that are Purchasing Cards. You can have separate approvers for cash/out of pocket and regular corporate card expenses and another approver for Purchasing Card expenses, if you are using a Purchasing Card.


If you don't plan on implementing a Purchasing Card, but just a regular corporate card, then you might not have to worry about assigning the Statement Approver. If your company card is not a Purchasing Card, then the approver you assign for regular travel expenses will also approve the corporate card charges. 


Will you be using a Purchasing Card?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 2

Hello Kevin, many thanks for your response, we are planning to use the Purchasing Cards. What would be the difference? Thank you

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Good Morning,

The 370 Records manage the statement employee information where you can add the statement report approver.  Below is the layout.


Have a great day!


SAP Concur Consultant


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