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WBS code maintenance

Hi All-


I am not sure if I have permissions to do this in our current configuration.  We have several WBS codes that need to be deleted from our system.  Codes that are no longer active.  Is there an easy way to delete?  I see information for adding codes, but nothing for deleting.  





Community Manager
Community Manager

@SJRatchford the answer to your question is: depends.


If you added your WBS codes by using the list import option, then you would just need to get the import file and update it accordingly by using the Delete column on the file. Enter Y for all WBS Codes that need to be deleted, then re-import the list.


If you did not use the import file to set up the list of WBS codes, then you will need to go to List Management, select the list and click Modify. Here you would need to manually delete the unneeded WBS Codes.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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