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View only access for administrative assistants

Is there a role within Concur expense that would allow an executive admin to review reports pending approval by the executive?  For example, employee of executive submits a reports, it is pending approval by executive; the admin would like the ability to review receipts/expenses so they can provide a summary to the executive to make the approvals quicker.  The goal would be the admin only has visibility to the executives they assist, not all individuals in the company.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@TamiMilillo you can certainly do this. You need to have the Delegate Configuration set to Can Preview for Approver to Yes. Then the executive needs to add their admin as a delegate. When doing so, they would see an the Can Preview for Approver option. They select this and Save. See screenshot. When you go to the Delegate Configuration screen, you likely will only have one configuration listed and it will probably be named Default. Click it and then Modify to change the setting if need be.




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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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