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Verifying an email address on multiple Concur accounts

We have executive assistants at our company who are assigned as delegates for various executives to prepare and submit expense reports on their behalf.  I was trying to guide one through the process of getting her email address verified on an exec's Concur profile, but I received an error message that said her email address was already verified on another Concur user (her own), and that she would have to unverify her email address on her account in order to verify it on the exec's account.  Our reason for having her address verified is so she can email receipts to the, with the exec's email address in the subject line, and have those receipt images available for attachment to line items.  Potentially, she could have the need to do this for more than one person, in addition to herself.


So, is it not possible to have an email address verified to more than one Concur user account?  If so, is there another solution to accomplish what we want to do?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@daclopton an email can only be verified on one account. What needs to happen is the assistant verifies their email on their own profile, the exec verifies their email on their profile. The exec adds the assistant as a delegate (or a site admin does this), then the assistant can email receipts to with the exec's email in the subject line. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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