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Verifying a company card was not used



I keep getting this message and do not understand if it states I have a cash transaction, how can it be on the corporate card? How can I verify it wasn't to get past this?? Thank you.




Frequent Member - Level 1

dear @JeffryGL 

The warning you are getting is just a "yellow" warning which it will not stop from submitting the expense report.

I guess you have a company policy which strongly recommend to use corporate credit card for any type of transaction.


Please look your transaction for 30 USD dated 25th March.

Did you pay with your own cash or with the company credit card?

If you paid with the company credit card, wait the credit card transaction feeding the system before submitting it, otherwise ignore the warning (just try to use the company credit card for all your business expenses as much as possible)




Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager