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Validation Import Larget Files Net New vs Incremental


We are in the middle of our implementation and would like to hear valuable comment/experience with Validation import.

We are in Construction business and runs on project based accounting. (project and task)

We are planning to integrate Concur with our Oracle ERP E-Business Suite.

Therefore, to upload validation entries into Concur, we would be looking at millions of records with the combination of different GL Codes with the different project and task numbers for our Expenditure types.

Concur has recommended that we import these millions of records daily whenever we need to import them into Concur instead of delta changes.

Based on your experience, do you take the approach of uploading all or the delta changes?

Have you run into performance issues with these imports as the size of the validation import file would be quite large?


Thank you so much in advance for sharing your experience!


Community Manager
Community Manager

@serenali I believe you will be more likely to get replies if you post this in the User Admin Group. If you are not yet a member of that group, go to the group then use the Request to Join option. Once we verify your administrative permissions, you will be let in. 


I do know that some companies that have as many records as you mentioned, use our FTP option to upload their records which then I believe SAP Concur takes that file and runs a job to upload the records. Best thing to do is speak to the SAP Concur Implementation Coach you are working with for best practices. 


Also, see what others in the User Admin Group say. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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