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VAT Transition from configuration to 3rd party vendor

Hi Everyone,

We are moving from VAT configuration within Concur to a 3rd party vendor (Concur Partner). Has anyone else done this? If so, what types of configuration changes (other deactivating the VAT) are needed? Do I need to remove the "Receipt Status" field from the expense forms? What about the VAT percentages fields?

I want to make sure I have all of the changed convered at once.




Occasional Member - Level 2

I am assuming that you are talking about the VAT output tax to the customer based on the region where you're procuring from. I don't think there is a standard way of doing this because at the time of sales order creation you do not know where you're procuring it from. Even with creating a different plant, how are you planning to determine a different plant each time based on vendor location?

If you're planning to maintain the plant manually, you could as well maintain the tax condition manually instead of the plant.

Please let me know if this makes any sense.