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Using prior unused non-refundable ticket credit

For my P819 preliminary INAR trip to SVL, SAP Concur has these additional lingering “pending credit card transaction costs” of $0. I can’t submit the expense report until these get resolved it appears.


One is for the rental car – “pending credit card transaction costs” of $0 - even though a second transaction shows up for the correct amount of $138.25 and was accepted by SAP Concur with receipt (tempting to just delete the $0 expense, but unsure if that unleashes end-of-world mayhem or not…)


For the Airfare – I have two (2) of these “pending credit card transaction costs” of $0 – but there is no Airfare expense “to expense” – as I used a prior non-refundable ticket (they delayed the pre-INAR date after we made travel plans) that had a value that exceeded this airfare. Prior unused non-refundable ticket value $538.88, used $396.95 for this trip, remaining credit $141.93 – all per my BCD Travel receipt which I attached to those two (2) of these “pending credit card transaction costs” of $0.

I don’t have a clue on these…


Thank you




Community Manager
Community Manager

@gflander hello there. Since you already submitted those entries that say Pending Card Transaction, I would give this a try. Delete them off of the expense report. Then, from your Manage Expenses screen, delete them from there. Those items are what we refer to as Itinerary items. They appear once you complete a travel reservation in SAP Concur Travel. Not complete the actual trip, but just the reservation. They say pending card transaction because the system recognizes these were booked in SAP Concur and assumes you will be paying for them with your corporate card. Now, in a Utopian situation, you would pay for those items with your corporate card, wait a few days, let those corp card transactions upload into SAP Concur. They will get matched to the Pending Transactions automatically, but only if you haven't added those Pending transactions to an expense report. Once they are matched, the Pending Card Transaction will go away and the payment type will show your corporate card. 


In conclusion, here are my two noteworthy takeaways: 🙂

1. End of world mayhem will not occur if you delete the Pending Card Transaction items. 

2. When you see Pending Card Transaction items, do not add them to an expense report until you have actually paid for those items and the corporate card transactions come in and match to them. Once that happens, add them to your report. It usually takes 3-5 days for the card transactions to come into your SAP Concur account from the day of purchase. Remember though, the Pending Items will likely appear shortly after you have done a travel booking.


I hope this helps. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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