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User Interface Update?? Oct 3 2023



We are noticing a user interface this morning...can someone confirm Concur rolled this out? Users are not happy with the all white screen...the lack of contrast and smaller font are the 2 largest complaints...




Occasional Member - Level 2

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm an Administrator.  Please let your administrator know that they can change it to Legacy Concur UI.  

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I hadn't recovered, in fact will never get over, the last disaster of a UI update they forced on us in 2022; talking about the one that made every step of expense report creation an inefficient, slow nightmare in place of the previous one stop shop, everything at a glance, everything visible in one window UI, which worked perfectly.


Here we go again, building upon that 2022 crap UI roll out, which was never repaired or addressed sufficiently, we now have even more dropdowns, more drilling down into new windows to add/get the same information, more blank space, more drastically different layouts... 


Extra points this time around for lacking basic graphic design knowledge and picking the lightest, smallest, sans serif font and floating it atop a 3000 lumen white background to make your eyes bleed while you wait 2-4 seconds for everything to load each mouse click. The thin font is also hard to read in evening mode, so don't try to tell me that is an acceptable solution. 


Can't stress this enough, on pre-2022 Concur UI you used to be able to see every line item, every itemization, every attendee, expense type, the comments, the coding and the receipt on one single at a glance page as you clicked or expanded each line item of your report. You could even search/add more attendees right below the other entry details and click on their name once to add them, yes, once. Who needs that kind of efficiency when you have this master class in wasting people's time and skills?

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I agree 100%, when we started using Concur, we still had to send hard copies of what we canned and attached to our travel accounting- This mess was not easy on the eyes at all 

and now in the expenses on my end, we have every expensed listed and have to check Unused , ridiculous. Who needs to see what has already been expensed

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We totally agree. Users are not happy. Found the links further below yesterday that gives instructions on how to adjust the white screen which was so helpful. Unfortunately, we are still left with the added clicks in the new section called Home. The headers were perfect before. Hope they consider changing the headers back. 

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I do like that I can get to the Process screen for expenses in the same area, and the credit card info is more visible to find again on expense reports where they really hid it with the last update.  But I am not wild about the color changes either.  Thanks to above for instructions on how to change, but I tried all of them and not fond of any of them; the old colors were easier to read than all 4 choices we have now.  And that caution audit rule color change from yellow to red is going to confuse our users because we trained them based on the color of the audit rule so that they could distinguish between a yellow caution audit rule to review vs a red hard stop audit rule that will not allow their expense report to submit.  Now our users will think something is wrong, where it's just a caution rule for them to review.  I especially hate what they did to that ribbon top menu that they took away.  I used to be able to just click straight to Expense or Travel or elsewhere for easy access; now I just have an extra click and have to select an extra menu to get to everything.  The menu was easier to access before.  And we are going to have to rewrite all our documentation yet again where we just rewrote from the last changes.  Don't they usually notify the admins before making such significant changes?

Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi, I hope they hear us and put an option, much like Microsoft Outlook did, where we can choose which interface we want to work with.  As a person with epilepsy, I find this new look incredibly difficult to navigate, which is very upsetting since I handle a lot of finances.

In solidarity with those who find this latest bunch of changes, seriously unnecessary.


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Instead of changing the look on things, how about making the login easier with just one click and put the user name and password on one screen, rather having to click through twice.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello all. In addition to the link @andilillemoen23 posted that explains why the new theme was implemented, I want to mention that the contrast issue. I'm sure some of you have seen some fields that are filled out (not editable), but the text is difficult to see because of the contrast. This is a known issue and there are fixes coming in an upcoming release. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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