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Uploading transactions for multiple employees

Hi All -


I would like to upload one file which would post expenses to multiple employees at my company.  does the Import Expenese>From File allow me to do this?  or does it only import expenses to me?


is there any other way to approach this?



Community Manager
Community Manager

@oalbus the method you mention is only for you. 


The only way I know of having transactions imported for mutiple users is through our Import/Extract Administration option. This is for our customers who use a Corporate Credit Card program.


Are the transactions you wish to upload from the employees' personal credit cards or from a Corporate Credit Card? If from a Corporate Credit Card, then you should speak to your SAP Concur Client Success Manager about getting your Corporate Card linked to SAP Concur to have transactions be auto-imported. 


If the transactions you mention are on personal credit cards, you won't be able to import any transactions for others. However, we do offer our Yodlee solution that can be activated for users that allows them to link/synch their personal credit card to their SAP Concur account to have those transactions auto-import into their SAP Concur account to then add them to expense reports. 



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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