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Uploading Multiple Receipts in Concur App

Hi all,


We have an experienced Concur user using an updated version of the Concur app.  He's trying to attach two images to the same expense entry and the app is not giving him the ability to do that as far as we can tell.  Is there a way to attach two or more images to a single entry in the updated app? 





Community Manager
Community Manager

This can be done. 


Have the user open their expense report on the app. I'm assuming they have already attached one receipt to the line item in question.


Next, have the user drill into the expense line item.  At the top of the expense details they should see an option that says View Receipts.


Have them select that option to see the current receipt. At the bottom of the receipt view screen they should see a button labeled. Add Another. That allows them to add a second receipt. 




Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi Kevin,


Thanks for the speedy response.  The user is aware of this but says after he updated his app, that the functionality is no longer there.



For any of you facing similar challenge,  ask the employee to tap on view receipts. Over tapping on view receipts, it still enables option to select from gallery. Choose to select from gallery and attach the other receipt. Once that is added, the page requests if the previous receipts should be replaced or appended. Select append. Both the receipts will be added. And then they can always go back to view receipts and opt to view receipt and they should be able to find both receipts added.