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Upload images from generic mail box

Hi all,

We are receiving the hotel invoices in a department's email address and we would like to upload them to Concur without involving every traveller. Is this possible?

We have the invoices metadata like employee, employee's email address, bocking number, dates,...

Thanks in advance,


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Technically possible I think:

1. Create a user account in Concur (called something like Generic Mailbox/Hotel Receipts) and add the generic email address to in the "employee" profile form in user admin. Set a password and use dummy data for the other required fields.

2. Manually log in as this generic user and verify the generic email address via the profile page.

3. Either manually, or by using an employee import file (record 550), make the generic user an expense delegate for all the travelers in question.

4. The travelers will also need to individually verify their email addresses in their user profiles in Concur.

5. Finally, from the generic email box, email each hotel receipt to but include the email address of the relevant traveler in the title of the email.

SAP Concur Consultant
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Hello Mile,

Many thanks for your answer. I will try it and come back for the confirmation.

Best regards,