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Unsubmitted expense report email for future dated trips



We use the corporate credit card for travel expenses in our company. Typically, travelers purchase flight and conference tickets many months in advance. After returning from their trip, they add the other expenses and submit one expense report for approval.


We have enabled an email notification to be sent out for any expense reports that have not been submitted. These notifications are sent 15 days after the card transaction shows up in the traveler profile. Is there a way we can prevent the notification to be sent out for any expenses for future travel? In other words, can we include travel dates or request end date to the rule for these emails?


For e.g. Traveler purchases flight tickets on 03/01 for travel dates from 06/01 - 06/04. Currently, the unsubmitted report email goes out approx on 03/18 (15 days after expense shows up in traveler profile). Can we make the email notification go out only from 06/20?




Community Manager
Community Manager

@rugmani1182 In your description where employees purchase airfare anywhere from two to three months in advance, wouldn't having them wait a couple months to submit these expenses possibly cause late charges? Or is your company credit card a company billed/company paid card? 


I think the only way to accomplish what you need, is to create a custom field named Trip End Date. One of your email reminder conditions could be Report Trip End Date Not Within Today + 15. This should look at the end date entered by the employee and then when 15 days have past, if the report is still Not Submitted, they would get the reminder. One caveat, you would need to account for people who do not travel but do have business expenses, so you might need another custom field named something like Are Your Expenses Travel Related? Have this field be a drop down with Yes or No. Then create an audit rule that says if the users selects Yes and the Trip End Date field is blank, flag the report with a red alert that would require the user to enter a trip end date. However, if the user selects No, then the Trip End Date field will not be required. 


If you don't have anyone at your company with full site access permissions, you would need to submit a Help ticket to SAP Concur to have them create this custom field. You would want to make this 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Thanks for the suggestions Kevin. We are using CBCP card for making the travel purchases. Also, we do not use the corporate card for any non-travel related expenses. I was hoping there was a standard field that we could use but it doesnt look like there is. I think the custom field is a great idea, thank you.