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Unsubmitted company card transations

Hi I have had an error since beginning of 2020 but it never stopped me from submitting my expenses and receiving payment. My manager rejected my last expenses in time for Xmas and I cannot clear the error.


Warning: You have unsubmitted company card transactions that exceed the age limit allowed by your company policy.......


I have no unclaimed expenses

I have no outstadning claims. I've looked back 2 years before I even used the system. I checked my mobile app in case its holding info the PC interface doesn't and can't find the answer to clear the error. Can you help?

Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi.  Have you reviewed your credit card statements against submitted corporate card transactions.  There could be a credit card transaction that did not flow into your Concur account.  That will happen if the effective date of your card assignment is after your card was used.  Check the statements closest to when you either received your new card or when you received a replacement card.  You can ask your company card administrators to verify whether you have any unassigned card transactions.  If so, they should  compare the date of the transaction with your card assignment/effective date.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@T0085359 so, I looked into this and found that you have several AMEX charges listed as User Hidden. What this means is you deleted some card transactions, whether knowingly or unknowingly. At least five of these transactions are from 2020. You have several others from 2021. This is likely what is causing the Warning. 


You will need to reach out to your company's credit card administrator to have them release these transactions. My guess is you might have already been reimbursed for these expenses. Possibly you entered them as out of pocket. So, if your company card statement is all caught up without any outstanding balance and you are sure all these old transactions have been reconciled, then you can add all the old expenses to an expense report and mark the all as personal. This tells the system not to send any payment for these transactions. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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