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New Member - Level 1

Unable to submit a claim

I have paid my mobile bill using corporate credit card. When I am trying to submit that paid bill for reimbursement, it say you have crossed your approved limit.

Then I allocate some amount from the claim amount as personal and submit rest of the amount to reimburse within approved limit.

Concur is still not allowing me to submit claim. What I am doing wrong? Kindly help. 

Frequent Member - Level 1

dear @SVaislay 

as I don't have visibility of your system, my assumption would be that you get a specific warning explaining what is wrong with the expense report. Please check on the top of your window, above the name of your expense report, any Red "!" which contain the basic explanation of the error you occur on the expense report. OR please include a screenshot of your warning items list, which stand above the expense report name while you are in the same. Thank you.

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager