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Occasional Member - Level 2

Unable to modify entries in returned expense report using APIs

Dear All,


While performing the below actions using APIs in a returned(Sent back to employee) expense report, we are facing issues.

The expense report is returned but still, we are facing this issue. Did anyone else face the same issue with API?

Do you know if there is any alternative for this?Thanks in advance for your help. 


  1. Error while adding an expense entry in a returned expense report. <Message>Unable to add entries to a report that has been submitted.</Message>


  1. Error while deleting an expense entry in a returned expense report. <Message>Unable to delete entries from a report that has been submitted.</Message>


  1. Error while changing the expense type in a returned expense report . <Message>The Expense Type Code of an entry cannot be changed.</Message>



Community Manager
Community Manager

@raghav3180 I've reached out to my API contact to see if he can answer your question.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Raghu - I was talking to George about it this morning.  Can you articulate the use case?  "Normal" use case for adding expenses to an expense entry would be to create the expense report and then add the entries.  Your scenario has an expense report being returned back to the employee and then you want to automatically add (or modify) an expense entry...and then have the employee resubmit it?


I am trying to understand the circumstances why we would want an automated solution when something is manually returned.  It probably wasn't something considered when implementing the v3.0 API.

Occasional Member - Level 2

Thanks for your reply, Chapman

Yes, we wanted to add/delete expense entries in a report returned to employees. 
We are building an interface from a different system in this we have a scenario to add and delete entries from a returned report.