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Unable to modify Exchange Rate "Exceeded Threshold for manual change"

I am unable to modify exhcange rate from 60 (which concur auto picks up ) to 70 ( which is what I was actually charged and I have evidence from credit card receipt)  as I get the error that % threshold for manual change is exceeded 


How do I proceed ? I have added comments and have also uploaded evidence from Credit Card receipt about the Bank Exchange rate but there is no way it seems to submit the expense 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@adeelqureshi I would add a new expense entry for the difference and attach the credit card receipt showing the higher exchange rate. So, keep the one expense with the 60 exchange rate, then add a new line to your expense claim in the amount of the difference between having a 60 and 70 exchange rate.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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