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Unable to link a Travel Request to Expense Report

I encountered an issue with my expense report on my recent travel. The approved travel request is not showing up in the lists of travel requests that can be linked to my expense report. But the cash advance is already linked to it, and this same cash advance was created within that travel request. I have already raised this concern to our finance department, but they weren't able to help me and at the same time they are pressuring me to complete my report. 


Kindly help me with my concern. I don't exactly know how you track the requests, but the request ID for this travel is 4Q4W. And it should be showing up in the image below along with my previous trip. 



Community Manager
Community Manager

@flyarchadia in my research I found that if your assigned reimbursement currency (which is PHP) doesn't match the currency on the Travel Request (which is USD), you won't be able to assign it to a report. You might need to create a new Travel Request and use PHP as the currency.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi KevinD, 


Thanks for your immediate response. But creating a new Travel request is a pain. I have a lot of signatories up to our VP. Do you have any other way to solve this? Like How about changing the currency of an expense report to USD?