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Unable to Crete expense report Using API

Dear Community,


I am unable to create an expense report by passing the Policy ID.

It works fine when I remove the Policy ID from Body. When we remove the Policy ID from body  the reports gets created with default policy. But our requirement is to select a different policy which is not a default policy. 


This is the API we are using:


Can someone help me with this?


Super User
Super User

Hi @raghav3180 


Did you try to read the using the operation GET? I would try this for a report with the desired policy value. It will help check if the policy string you provide is accurate.

Also, the policy drives the report header form. Are you providing the values for fields on the header form corresponding to the desired policy?


Hope that one of the suggestions above helps you get to the problem and fix it.

Best regards,

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Best regards,
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Thanks for your reply, Rohan.


I have already used the GET call to fetch the Policy values from an existing report. 

This is the error I get when I pass Policy Value.


    <Message>Unexpected error.Please contact Developer Support</Message>