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UberEats issue - app doesn't have full functionality as .com

I tried reaching out to Concur - they say my company is supposed to support their app. I reached out to my company and they can't help with it. So, here I am.


When I charge an UberEats expense using my company card the expense AND receipt is eventually sent to my Concur. However, the forwarded receipt doesn't meet the expense reporting requirements of my company. So, I need to append an additional receipt.


Either using the iOS app or Android app I get an error message "Unable to append". So, I try to add a receipt. Nothing on the app indicates this task was successfully completed. The receipt disappears from my receipt store. I can't view the added receipt on the app. 


But , if I go to the .com there it is. There are two tabs....e-receipt and receipt. 


Why is the Concur app making this so difficult? Is there any way to block Uber from automatically forwarding receipts to concur? Why doesn't the Concur app allow you to view the automatically added E receipt and the additional receipts added?