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New Member - Level 1

UI change is abysmal

I wake up today to the UI interface changed completely.  Im going to tell you right now you just made my expense reporting take 3x longer than before. Its clearly a massive step backwards. I have to click on each individual expense, wait for the loading screen, make a change, save, then do the whole process over again, multiplied by 100 expenses a month, and you get what i mean.

The old UI was leaps and bounds more efficient.

As a sales proffessional, im literally losing money every time i work on my expenses and not sales, and now it will be losing me more money. This new UI is not designed for a power user of this program.

New Member - Level 1

I could not agree more.  Uploading receipts and/or refreshing for them is a MESS.  This change was unwanted, unwelcome, and a major time sink.  

Super User
Super User

My comments would be a bit more harsh.  This new UI not only makes it difficult for the admin but my road warriors HATE it.  It is taking them 3x longer to do a report.  I shared all of the training videos and materials, but they keep telling me that their issue is not addressed in them.  I don't see any benefit to this and wish we could switch back as this version is inefficient.

Nancy Murray