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UBER app is connected but e-receipts are not being sent to Concur

Hello - I have an associate who connected their Uber account to Concur thru the App Center in Concur.  It says they are connected and they have e-receipts activated.  The Uber charges came thru to their Concur account as usual.  However, how do we get the Uber receipts to automatically flow to Concur?  This is a major timesaver and I'd like to roll this out to several associates but I first need to find out why it isn't working.  Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee


Does this user have multiple profiles in Uber with the same email address registered?  This has been known to cause issues with receipts not coming through.  Also, make sure the user has installed the latest version of Uber on their mobile device.  If all these have checked out then reach out to the App Center publisher by going to the App Center>Uber Application click on blue Support link.  They can investigate your issue further.  


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My experience with Uber and Concur is that it works better if you don't bother with the App Center connection in Concur and just set it up from the Uber end through a Business Profile.


I don't have Uber connected through the Concur App Center and I still get receipts automatically into Concur for my Uber business trips.