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By mistake I had my Uber billing my personal credit card while in DC on a conference. No huge deal but about $92 in expenses I'm seeking to be paid back.  I took a copy of my personal credit card bill showing all the charges and added to that an Excel column adding them up to derive the total I'm seeking.


I did not send copies of the UBER receipts which came into my email because they don't include the tip meaning that the numbers won't match what I'm claiming.


My attempts here have been rejected by CONCUR EXPENSE review and returned twice.


So, my solution today is just claim that I have LOST the receipt which isn't true but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess with SAP.

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You can get copies of receipts with tips included on the Uber app via this path:


Account > Activity > Select Trips > Receipt > Download PDF/Email Receipt (just make sure you're selecting the "Receipt With Tip" at the top of the screen)


It might take a few extra minutes to do this if you have a lot of trips, but will hopefully work and won't be rejected by Concur.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@wanaque I was curious about your post so I looked at your report's Audit Trail to find that our Audit service was the one who sent it back. Just as an FYI...our Audit Service has to be pretty picky as they are the first line of defense against fraud, so if they don't see an exact match between an expense and the receipts or documentation provided, they will send it back. Since our Audit Service is a paid service, they cannot take any chances and just let things go through. Your company is paying extra to make sure employees are following policy and being compliant.


Have you tried what @carmel_rochon mentioned about getting receipts with tips for future reference? 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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