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Travel to different clients

I need to add an expense with daily allowance where I traveled the first day to attend an internal meeting, overnight in a hotel and the next traveling to meet a client, another night at the clients place and then back home.

The first day and hotel is an external expense , the  rest should be payed by the client. This is even for the daily allowance.

How should I create this to get the project codes and invoicing correct and anyway get my daily allowance for the three days?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ssoyka when filling out the expense entries on your report is there any field to indicate if the expense is billable and any option to select the client? 


If so, then use those fields. If not, then I suggest asking your direct manager what your company's process is for billing clients and how you should enter the expenses. Every company has their own procedure for billing their clients, so asking your manager is the best option since we here on the community will not know your company's process.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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