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Occasional Member - Level 1

Transactions labeled as out of pocket and duplicated

I have several transactions that are showing up as out of pocket expenses which I did not submit, and days later when i actually pay the invoice, the charge appears and is labeled correctly this time.  Should I just delete the ones that are labeled as out of pocket, as I don't want to duplicate the charge?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@jszush23 sounds like you have items coming in before your card charges. These will come in as out of pocket. The most important items are the ones that show a payment type that refers to your company credit card. You should be able to delete the out of pocket items or combine them with the card charges that come in. Either method should be just fine for you.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Thanks for the info. I did some research and what I think is happening is that when I take a picture of a receipt/invoice, it loads it into Concur as an available expense labeled as OOP. I verified that the actual charge was listed, then I deleted the OOP items.