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Occasional Member - Level 3

Training videos for NextGen

Does anyone know if/when SAP Concur will be posting training videos on expense, travel, etc that uses the new NextGen interface? We have already switched everyone over and now would like to be able to provide training on how to use the new interface. I would also like to be able to view the videos myself as an administrator to get a better feel for them. 


Thank you in advance!

Randi Moore

Occasional Member - Level 3

 @randimoore Hi Randi,


I was searching for the same thing. I did find some training materials for NextGen here:

and here:


Hope that helps!


How has the transition gone for your users? Anything you've noticed that is missing or difficult for people to understand?


Thanks for any advice you have on the switch.


Sally Parsons

Occasional Member - Level 3

Thanks. They are still quite limited though I was able to review.