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New Member - Level 2

This expense cannot be submitted



This transaction was around 30 days back and paid using my corporate card. This expense was not submitted in an earlier report. Now when I am trying to submit the expense I am getting this message.


This expense cannot be submitted until it is matched to an imported card transaction. If this was not paid for via card, you may edit the payment type of the expense to reflect the actual payment method.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@rispat Have you checked your company card statement to see if there is a charge on there that matches the amount listed for the Pending Item?


I did not see any hidden card transactions for your corp card. I would say if you check your corporate card statement and do not see a charge for the amount of the pending item, then just delete the item from your report. 


If you do see a charge for the amount, then you'll need to speak with your direct manager to see how this should be handled. Your company probably has some sort of process for handling card charges that did not upload to a user's account.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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New Member - Level 2

Hi Kevin, I checked my company card and the charge does appear as it shows  below. What do you suggest ?