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The report header is missing data in this required field(s): Object Value.

Good Morning, I am having troubles figuring out this error message... The report header is missing data in this required field(s): Object Value.  First I am not able to locate the Object Value nor what it is.  Can anyone suggest how to resolve this issue?  Thanks in advance.

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Super User

Hi @bethkranick 


It will be difficult to provide guidance without screenshots. My best guess is that it is a missing cost center. Typically happens when the default value assigned to your profile is deleted from the list. My suggestion would be to open the header (Open report - Report Details - Report Header), You should see a field with a light red background and a red border that is empty. Simply populate it with a valid value and save.


Hope this helps.


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Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

Rohan Patil
SAP Concur Community enthusiast
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Hi, the cost center was fixed now still receiving the same message.  What is the Object Value field?