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New Member - Level 1

The new UI is awful

Literally, awful.  It looks like someone tried making a mobile site and ruined everything that was good about the old interface, which was easy to use and you could see everything at once to be able to quickly attach receipts to expenses.  It was so much more confusing having to go into each expense individually to attach receipts.  The advantage of using the website on a computer is totally wasted now, and the fonts are so comically large it makes it look like it was a school project someone did for a high school web design class.

New Member - Level 1

I just created a concur community account after years of using your product, just so i'd have a place to comment about how bad your new interface is. I don't need to give details, the above posters have done a good job with that.  But this new interface is horrible for processing an expense with 50+ receipts.

Super User
Super User

The reason I waited until the very end to convert was the fact that I kept saying to my acct mgr how bad the new UI was and that it was a nightmare for admins.  We need easier, not 20x more difficult, interfaces to work with.  Concur has gone backwards, in my opinion.

Nancy Murray
New Member - Level 1

Couldn't agree more.  I came here with the sole purpose of begging the powers-that-be to revert to the previous version.  Using the new interface is akin to pulling out my fingernails, one by one.  

New Member - Level 1

**bleep**! - What a let down...Seeing a new UI but it couldnt be any less efficient. Such poorly designed UI... Almost unusably frustrating.

Super User
Super User

12/14/2022:  NEXTGen UI, another issue.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Concur Auto-filling in-correct City & State for Credit Card Transactions

Well, after hours and hours of manually fixing city and state for numerous reports I'm throwing in the towel.

I have submitted a Concur Case on this issue.  In 6 years I have never seen anything like this.  Ever since Concur moved us to NextGen it has been nothing but problems.

Now it's picking random cities and filling them in.  This just started Monday, 12/12/2022.

This is only 1 example.  There are dozens of reports like this.





Occasional Member - Level 3

Mind numbing, error ridden & time wasting. Pure misery. Apparently it was better? We got shipped in without training or workflow after a brutal year of Covid — and it literally caused eye strain and fury. I hate everything about this and even knowing I have to use it ever again makes my blood boil.

Occasional Member - Level 3

It is amazing how a company put all efforts and investment in enworsening his own product due the new UI. 

Occasional Member - Level 2

We have opened several cases due to not being able to read pages on the bright bright morning view.   Some have been resolved, but not all.   Best view is evening view, this way you do not have to wear sunglasses or sunscreen.