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New Member - Level 1

The new UI is awful

Literally, awful.  It looks like someone tried making a mobile site and ruined everything that was good about the old interface, which was easy to use and you could see everything at once to be able to quickly attach receipts to expenses.  It was so much more confusing having to go into each expense individually to attach receipts.  The advantage of using the website on a computer is totally wasted now, and the fonts are so comically large it makes it look like it was a school project someone did for a high school web design class.

Occasional Member - Level 1

Unfortunately, I have to agree with the above post. This new UI is much less efficient than it was before.


Previously I could identify my expense, update the expense details, and attach a receipt all on the same screen. 


Now I have to navigate through multiple different screens and wait for a few seconds for each screen to load. Also, part of the receipt gets cut off from the showcut view, so the receipt main expense screen needs to be opened on a separate browser tab for easy receipt identification.


What used to take me 30 minutes to complete my expense report, now has taken hours. How is this more effiicent? Please provide clear user instructions on how this is intended to be used.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@diacona @bsmihosky we appreciate you sharing your opinions and we have passed on your feedback. You can also share your feedback about the NextGen UI with your SAP Concur Account/Client Success Manager. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

I have shared my concerns, and my team agrees about the new UI's inefficiencies, so we've since reverted back to the old interface.


Concur Expense is a very important tool that we use, so I hope that creating and submitting these reports stays as efficent as possible. Constantly switching between screens and having to wait for each one to invidually load is a challenging adjustment.

New Member - Level 1

I do have the same issue, the workflow of the new UI is terrible and extremely slow.


I can't find a way to revert back to the old UI, how did you reverted back to the old interface exactly ?