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TSA PreCheck Policy

I would be interested in hearing what other companies are doing as it relates to reimbursing team members for TSA PreCheck and Clear.  TSA PreCheck is not that much over the course of time but Clear is a bit more expensive and charged yearly.


Do you reimburse for these types of expenses?  Are they approved for some of your employees?



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We do not reimburse for either typically.  We have made an exception here or there for a few heavy travelers but very infrequently. 

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We reimburse for PreCheck, Global Entry and CLEAR with certain provisions.  The employee must be a frequent traveler (i.e. must fly on a certain number of trips per year - we've stated that number in our policy) AND be a certain level of employee or higher (i.e. manager and above).  For CLEAR, we also add the stipulation that they must be flying through airports (a certain number of times a year) that provide the CLEAR program (since not all airports provide this.)

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Hi Pam,


Can you share the number of trips you require travelers to take in order for Precheck to be reimbursed? 3, 5, 10, more?



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Can you share the number of trips required before reimbursement can be claimed?

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We do not reimburse employees for any of these expenses.

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Our company does not reimburse for either expense.

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TSA PreCheck is approved for frequent travelers only.  Instead of Clear, we use Global Entry only for International travelers.  

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Thanks everyone for the feedback!

We decided to implement a policy where a team member can get reimbursed for TSA PreCheck if they travel 15 trips a year and document VP approval within their group.  We will not be reimburing for Clear.

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We reimburse for TSAPre, Nexus or Global Entry. The cost is minimal compared to the time and aggravation saved.
Terri Moreno
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Anaren, Inc. - Travel Manager - Syracuse, NY
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Does MFST still reimburse for TSAPre, Clear or Global Entry?  Thought I would reach out for an update. 

Thank you.


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Community Manager

@Lilia77 that question is best answered by your direct manager since it is specific to your company and what they would or would not allow. This Community doesn't have access to our customers' expense reimbursement policies.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
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Thank you.  I appreciate the feedback.