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T&L expense warning (duplicate claims)

I received Subject: T&L Warning: Open items greater than 53 days, Sent: 30 August 2023 13:13
for 23 unsubmitted claims.

However, my claims related to this in concur have all been processed.  When will the transaction status be updated (as it's unusual it is no straight away)

Super User
Super User

Hello @kevindyke ,


This depends on the configuration sitting behind the email reminder your company has configured. It is possible that the reminder is triggered even for items that are submitted but not completely approved. Best would be to connect with internal support desk / Concur administrator to understand that actions required at your end. Hope this helps.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@kevindyke from what I see in your account, you are all caught up and do not have anything that is older than 53 days.


It is possible that the email reminder that triggered this message to you might have a condition that isn't set up correctly. I don't believe anything will be adversely affected since you are up to date on your submissions.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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