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Occasional Member - Level 2

Switching from AppZen (Detect) to Intelligent Audit

Good morning!

Has anyone switched from AppZen to Intelligent Audit recently that would be willing to discuss their experience with me? We are currently using AppZen but were planning to move to Intelligent Audit but hit a few roadblocks when we started reviewing the actual functionality. We also use Company Billed Statements which are not reviewed by Intelligent Audit. If you could spare 15 minutes whether you are pleased or displeased by Intelligent Audit, I would really appreciate your insights. To give an idea of our size, we process roughly 16,000 expense reports annually. Thanks so much,

Occasional Member - Level 2

Although I am not familiar with this switch, we are looking to possibly going from Intilligent Audit to Appzen. If you have any thoughts you could share with me on your experience with Appzen, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you!