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Submitted Employee Relations claim, still no feedback after 3 days

Hi there,


I submitted a Employee Relations claim 3 days ago on the 01/6/2021 and up till today still no feedback and just stuck in "Expense Audit Team" box with no movement at all. No emails received to advise of status. Just nothing...

Super User
Super User

dear @togieda ,

even if we would love to help, this is specifically to your company approval flow and time that it can take to have an expense approve. Personally a delay of 3 days I wouldn't consider it neither alarming, so in your case I would reach out to your Company system administrator or who is in charge of expenses within your organization early next week for asking updates apart if within your Company policy is clearly written that the expense audit has to happen within a shorter period or the same day (I doubt).

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
Community Manager
Community Manager

@togieda I looked up your report and the current status of Expense Audit Team was date stamped with yesterday's date, which means it only reached that status yesterday. Your company is using AppZen for audits of reports. I don't know what the timeframe for how long AppZen takes to audit reports. I would give it another couple of days to see if your report moves along and changes status.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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