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Stop Payment for Negative Charge on Company Card

The situation: A user put a personal charge on company card by accident.  He submitted the expense report with that charge and marked it as personal expense. The accounting team talked to the HR team and his pay cheque was deducted.  Later on he returned the item.  The charge came through into Concur as a negative charge.  He submitted the expense report with the negative charge and marked it as personal.  Concur then paid that amount into his personal banking account.  This all makes sense and equals out.


The loop hole:  If the user puts a $25 personal charge on company card the charge will go into Concur.  A day or so later he decided to return the item.  The negative charge will appear in Concur as well.  The user then submits his expense report with both the positive and negative charge.  The accounting team will see that it is offsetted so the accounting team doesn't tell HR to deduct his pay but that will mean Concur will pay the user the $25 into his personal bank account. 


How do I stop the payment of a negative expense that is marked as personal?  Unfortunately an audit rule does not stop the payment but I need all charges (whether it's positive or negative) to go through Concur so that it shows in the books.

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Hi @monica123 


I don't understand what you mean by 'return the item'.  Is the negative charge being entered manually in Concur as a cash item, or is the employee arranging a refund/reversal of the card transaction and it's coming through to Concur via the card feed?


We require employees to make a payment to the company for any accidental personal expenses on their company card.  These payments don't go through Concur; our Accounts Payable team net them off in our financial system against the personal charge imported from Concur.

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I know this question was from 2019... but did you figure out how to resolve this? I have the same issue, a charge was submitted by accident and then she was able to get it refunded from Amazon.. so it's an in and out.. but because its marked "personal expense" it gives me an error..


thank you


dear @StefaniFischels 

it is not completely clarified the question from previous users, however I wasn't aware that was possible to mark "Personal" negatives credit card transactions. 

If the person bought something personal e.g. for 100 USD, marked as personal in Concur (so the person got already reduced the amount from their cash payment of previous expense report). Now with a negative amount since return the items I would select the transactions without selecting "Personal" and add a manual line as cash for 100 USD to balance the amount it was already taken previously from another expense report. It would be better to use the same Expense Type and same dates, so would be easier to understand while running financial reports.



Miscellaneous expenses  on Credit card -100 USD

Miscellaneous expenses  on Cash             +100 USD


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari