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Still waiting for payment to bank

Hello everyone 


I submitted a receipt to my account back in October, my boss approved it however it has never gone back into my bank account - I have checked and my bank details are verified, as is my company email address. 


When I check on the website if I go to manage requests, it shows my claim was approved 19/09/2022, and the remaining amount is the same as the receipt however I haven't had the balance paid into my account - I'm guessing it shows as remaining balance at zero when it has.


Is there a way I'm supposed to use to withdraw it? I've been through the help pages to no avail. I'm wary of pressing too many different things incase I accidentally delete it and have to resubmit because it may be too late to submit such an old receipt. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@SarahWatson233 I just want to clarify, Manage Requests is for travel requests, not expense reports. These requests are submitted to give your manager an idea of your upcoming trips and spend for that trip. A submitted Request is not a submission of a reimbursement. 


So, if you are looking at an approved request back from October, this is not a payment you should have received. 


If you indeed submitted an expense report back in October, you should speak with your Payroll or Finance department about a missing reimbursement. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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