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Statement Report exceeds line count limit resulting in user page erroring out and unable to edit

We use Company Bill Statement which allows each corporate card line to create a single report each month per card holder. The statement report populates into the card holder's user profile. For Feb statement, one in particular saw all our flight travel for company offsite, so hundreds of line items plus the associated booking fee (additional lines). The card holder has waited until end of month to use Bulk Edit feature to select Expense Type and fill out Business Purpose. This is crashing their page and the server cannot handle the request.


Per Support: While I know the system should accept editing 200 entries at a time, it seems the issue is due to the increased number of transactions in the report. The report has around 500 entries and more than 300+ alerts, which can lead to a performance degradation.

While there isn't a strict limit on the number of transactions, based on our experience, when a single report approaches 150 entries, it can lead to system performance and slowness issues. 

For this scenario, I suggest either splitting the number of expenses in the report, which I believe would help in improving the process of mass editing the reports or mass-edit a lower number of entries at a time, instead of 200.


The report already self-bifurcated and created a second report automatically. So now I have two reports that are limping along. I actually will have to delete them because we have to close the period and I manually entered the summarized statement in our ERP from a pivot. It was simply flights so it summarized into 5 simple airline lines!! 



  • How have others handled credit card reports that have tremendously high volume?
  • How do you bulk edit when the system keeps choking, even by selecting 10 at a time (would take days to complete)
  • Since we have to abandon this report, will the system crash if I try to delete it?
  • Will create a different thread asking about filtering for bulk editing, bc currently when you make selections it's "edit all" or "one by one" (too limited)

The card charges are auto feeding overnight. It is not reasonable to ask the card holder to go in each day and code just to stay on top of the feed so it doesn't error out due to excessive lines. Or am I just being unreasonable? 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

@juliemodad are you normally charging all company Airfare to this one p-card? I'm asking because you said in February you saw all airfare, which makes it sound like other months you didn't see this happen.


One thing to remember is that SAP Concur's original design was for individual users and not to handle 300 plus transactions on one report.


Could you delete some transactions off the report, edit those, then re-add the other transactions and edit them? It might be that the sheer total of transactions is causing the issue.


Also, have you considered assigning individual cards? It is quite a task for one person to be handling this many transactions as it sounds like the purchases made on this card are for many of your employees. Giving them each their own card could be on solution.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Thank you for the response! 


SAP Concur's original design was for individual users and not to handle 300 plus transactions on one report. This is a pretty significant caveat because when you are selecting a solution you imagine that all of these factors have been considered on the designer's end. Bringing on a corporate credit card solution could mean that some cards are very high volume. To say that the system is "known to not be able to handle the load of high volume line items" is a significant item to consider when selecting a solution.


Our use case is that we have a PCARD that is used 3-4 times per year to be the ghost card in the background to a portal that our entire company uses to purchase their flights for company offsite.  The rest of the year it will carry different types of transactions, including flights, but there is this particular use case. In the past we've imported the activity via journal entry, and Feb 2024 was the first month we had flights booked and imported through Concur. 


I was caught off guard because there was never any mention during the sales cycle or during implementation, or at any point in the conversation that there could actually be a limit to lines and functionality. 


That said, all of our cards are individually assigned to their respective owners, it's just that two cards in particular are high volume: monthly ad spend and these company-wide flight purchases for offsite. There are many reasons we set it up the way we did during implementation and thought through/talked through a lot of different scenarios, but this line limit never came up.