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Special characters in default expense name

For our company, individual expense items are automatically imported from our corporate Amex card statements and a new expense is automatically created in Concur for unprocessed expense items.


This is helpful 🙂


However, the auto-created expense is given a name with the following format:

“<month> Expenses (<dd>/<mm>/<yyyy>)”
"February Expenses (01/02/2023)"

… which immediately generates an alerts to say that the expense name contains special characters, and that I need to remove them.


This is not helpful 😞


Does anyone know if this is default Concur behaviour, or if it's more likely to have been configured to do this by our company?

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The naming convention is defined by Concur within the Expense Assistant tool that automatically creates expense reports for you.

The special character alert would be an Audit Rule that's been configured by your company.  

Super User
Super User

Hi @andyvaughan It could also be due to the Smart Mapping Functionality in Concur. Smart Mapping Functionality work's exactly in the same way like you mentioned above. The Special Characters could also be possible due to that. If so, then please create a case to Concur, they should be able to check and assist further. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@andyvaughan the special character rule is as @DeanR said a rule put in place by your company. If you know who your company's site administrator is, you might want to mention this as something to consider changing.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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