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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Smarter workflows: establishing auto-approvals

Hi everyone, I have two questions for you today, and some ideas for you to consider as well:

  1. What are your recommendations for auto-approval thresholds?
  2. Do you use exception levels to help drive your workflow?

Many organizations take advantage of workflow automation to build in auto-approvals at the manager and processor level for low-risk expense reports. The attached case study highlights one large organization where 46.97% of their expense reports get auto-approved without any human intervention needed. How useful is that? As long as managers and processors have the data they need to track spend against budget, you can give everyone a lot more time back in their day and also foster a spirit of empowerment and trust with employees.


My own recommendations are as follows, based on thresholds I built as a SAP Concur customer and what I’ve seen work well for other organizations. The most full-proof way to implement these changes is in conjunction with 100% audit through artificial intelligence as the first step in the workflow, with low risk reports still getting reviewed through automated audit tools, but skipping the human step entirely if compliant.


    1. Reports < $1,000 (or $250, $500, $750, $2,000, etc. depending on company’s comfort level)
    2. AND Reports with all required receipts attached, and no use of Missing Receipt Affidavit
    3. AND Reports with cash / out-of-pocket < $100
    4. AND Reports without personal use of corporate card
    5. AND Reports without major audit rule violations (examples follow)
      • Incomplete itemizations
      • Potential duplicate transactions
      • Individual transactions > $500 (excluding hotel and air)
      • Airfare > $1,000
      • High risk international spend, based on transaction country
      • Transactions with high risk vendors
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I am a user of SAP Concur wherein I have to approve 100 travel expense claim daily. Is there a possibility to automate this process based on certain criteria? If yes kindly help me with a "How to"

@charliepaul27 to better answer your question, we would need to know or at least have some idea of the criteria. Can you provide some please?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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