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Slight Issue

I have had an issue with SAP Concur Expense.  My expense report was flagged for auditing so I thought there was something wrong with it so I called SAP Concur Expense and was told to change the category so I did that and included a comment that I spoke with SAP Concur Expense who assured me that the report was correct and would not be returned.  It was returned and I called but received an explanation that it is not their responsibility to provide information to ensure that reports will not be returned?  I had the correct category to begin with I was just thrown off my this system since it said that my report was selected for auditing. 

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The flag for auditing is set up by your company rules. you should contact them if you have questions first about this. It doesn't mean that there is something wrong with the report. Concur support was trying to help. It is better to wait until there is a specific question or request from someone in your accounting structure. This is a normal function for all companies to audit some random reports based on criteria. Have a good day!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@morc24 in addition, if there was something really wrong with the report, it is very likely you wouldn't have been able to submit it until the issue was fixed. I went into your account to look at your expense reports, however you don't have any. Was the situation you mentioned regarding someone else's report? If so, I'd like to look at the report in question. I see you are a delegate for multiple people, so if you could just reply here with the initials of the person and the name of the report, I can take a look. 


Please do not respond with the person's full name. Initials should be good enough for me to find the report. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Thank you for all your responses to help resolve!