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Single Sign on (SSO) initial setup

Hello concur friends!  this is my first ever post, so be gentle please! Smiley Happy


We are a company that uses concur to schedule car / hotel / airfare.

I'm not the concur "admin" for my company but I know who is and we are both seeking some help.


currently our employees must log in to with their company email address and a PW specfic to concur.


we'd like to be able to hit that URL, or another provided by concur, where it would "know" the company email address and somehow associate that with the concur login, and there by let us right in w/o having to enter a PW.


We utilize SSO at our company using something called Microsoft ADFS.  we exchange some XML data, map some fields, and BAM.  SSO!


I've searched all through this site.  I don't see a concise document on how to set that up.  Is that a possibility?  


I know that in order to do that, we would need to exchange some XML data, agree on encryption, and map fields.  but I have no idea who I can call or talk to about this.


am I talking crazy?  We also deal with a company called Travel Plex which is our travel agency.  they originally setup concur for us.  


they said concur charges a one-time $2500 fee for SSO setup.


WE have about a dozen companies we have SSO setup for, and not one of them has charged us a dime.


so what do you think?  where can I go or who can I talk to in order to setup SSO between our company and COncur?  


appreciate any responses.  thank you!


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Totally agree with Nick. I have set up SSO a few times for other products and wouldn't call myself a SAML expert. But for over 2000 euro's you can buy a plane ticket and take a taxi to come set it up for me. 

Some on SAP. Just give me a meta data file and an A4 with instructions how to configure the Claims. I fail to see how you can charge five cents for this.