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Setting "Financial Posting Failed" expense reports somehow to status "Paid"?


we'd really appreciate if someone maybe has an idea how to set expense reports in payment status "Financial posting failed" to payment status "Sent for Payment" or even "Paid" / "Payment confirmed", without fixing the underlying posting problem in the accounting system?

Unfortunately Concur does not allow to use the "Payment confirmation import" for that, it blocks such imports with the error message "Invalid claim status for Report ID xxx : P_FAIL . Status must be either P_PAID or P_PAYC to import payment confirmation."


Some words to our setup:

We decided not to post CBCP expenses (of our Lodge Cards) via Concur into our accounting system ... we instead post the billed transactions from the invoice feeds of the credit card companies. Main reason for that decision was to not be dependent on our employees and having to find complicated accounting workarounds while we wait for them to submit their expense reports. Technically this is done by "filtering out" the CBCP expenses from the Concur extract before they reach our accounting system (SAP via native integration) ... because as said they were already posted via the credit card bills and shouldn't get posted twice.

And actually we're quite happy with that solution ... except for one issue:

Sometimes we have employees with expense reports that contain ONLY CBCP expenses, no other expense types. When these expense reports are then posted via Concur to our accounting system and the CBCP expenses are filtered out as usually, there is obviously nothing left to actually post ... which unfortunately our accounting system doesn't like and returns a "Financial Posting failed" to Concur due to "no item information transferred into accounting".

This error message actually doesn't hurt, because there really is nothing to post and no reimbursement for the employee in these cases ... but unfortunately these kind of reports then pile up in the "Active reports list view" of the effected employees and they stay there forever, as long as the payment status is not "Sent for payment" at least. And our employees start to complain about this 🙂


So, we trying to avoid having an ugly workaround and tricking our accounting system to return "Posting successful" to Concur in these cases. We're instead hoping that there is a solution in Concur, to just change the payment status "Financial posting failed" to something else. Maybe someone has an idea? Would be much appreciated ...

Thank you, Alex

Occasional Member - Level 2

Have you considered marking the reports as Manual Payment?